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A piano player gets hands-on work in an Alexander Technique lesson for musicians

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Discover how to build and maintain a better relationship with your body by applying our mindfulness approach.  Together we will help you develop improved posture and balance to become more naturally aligned and free in your movement on a daily basis.

Whether you prefer the fun of learning with others in a small group or the undivided attention of a one-to-one lesson, we have a class to suit you.  Each session starts from an expert assessment of your current situation, and at each step we focus on exactly what you need. 


Learn gently, through a mix of discussions, activities and hands-on work, gradually building up an impressive collection of tips, skills and strategies, and improving every step of the way.

Improve weight-lifting exercise with an Alexander Technique lesson in the gym
Learning how to use the mobile phone without getting text neck

The huge benefits of learning the Alexander Technique can apply to every aspect of your life. You might be looking to reduce back or neck pain, improve your posture for dance or music, or boost your sporting performance whether horse riding, running or racket sports. 


You might simply be looking for greater mobility or to make ordinary tasks easier.  The Alexander Technique is the perfect way to help you achieve these goals and much, much more.


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